Participant Initiated Non-RID Activity

RID Requirements

Participant Initiated Non-RID Activities (PINRAs) are activities an interpreter/transliterator wishes to attend which are not offered by an RID approved Sponsor. The activity must be sponsored by an organization with standards specific to its area of expertise. The activity must have a defined format and clearly identified educational objectives. If the application to interpreting is unclear, the application should provide a single page or more describing how attending the activity will improve the applicant’s interpreting work. PINRAs include but are not limited to: auditing a college course, non-credit courses at an educational institution, association or corporate trainings (e.g., American Bar Association, Teacher’s Union, and Social Work Association), school district in-service or an organization’s conventions/workshops. Administrative paperwork is processed by the Sponsor. NOTE: Participant must apply for approval from a Sponsor prior to the commencement of the activity. PINRAs should not be used for sponsor initiated activities or group activities.

How to Apply

GaRID kindly requests this information at least 10 days prior to the activity.

Step One:

Choose the activity/conference you want to attend. The activity/conference does not have to pertain strictly to interpreting. It can be a regional or national conference of another profession or could be a formal in-service training by an employer. As long as the activity is educationally beneficial to you as an interpreter, it can earn CEUs for you!

Step Two:

Identify the Content Area for which you are applying (Professional Studies or General Studies) in the appropriate field in the form below.  If you don't know, choose "unsure" and GaRID CMP will review the information and make a determination.  Understand how many CEUs will be earned (1 CEU = 10 contact hours).  Contact if you have any questions.

Step Three:

Please click here to fill out our online application .  Attach pertinent documentation such as an agenda or program book. Submit the form with documentation.  GaRID CMP will keep the form until your activity is completed. This form must be submitted to GaRID before the activity begins.  You will receive a copy of the information you submit at the email you provide in the form.  Wait for GaRID to email you with your PINRA approval.

You must provide copies of registration, conference agenda, or other documentation that identifies content and hours to enable GaRID to determine the appropriate number of CEUs and Content Area(s).

GaRID CMP will  respond via email with an approval or request for revision or more information. Please allow us one week to review your submission.  If you have not heard from us after one week, please e-mail us at  

Once your request has been approved, please complete the remaining steps.

Step Four:

Once you have completed your activity, please provide verification of attendance using the following form:

 Please click here to fill out our online verification of attendance form

Step five:

Pay for your PINRA using the link below.

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