CEUs for Attending Workshops/Conferences

Please find your workshop title below and click on the links to complete necessary forms.

Please make sure these forms are filled out as soon as possible.  After 3 business days, the forms will no longer accept responses.

10/19-20/2019 Fall Conference


Mikey Krajnak  Dr. Debra Russell Evaluation      Nigel Howard Evaluation


Dr. Debra Russell Evaluation Nigel Howard Evaluation

CEUs/Certificate of Completion

 Forms will be available October 19, 2019 - October 23, 2019


Donna Flanders: Theatrical workshop

Forms will be available April 18 - 22, 2020.


Betty Colonomos:  Foundations of Interpreting.

Forms will be available October 4-7, 2020

Any questions or issues can be directed to CMP@GaRID.org.

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