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Independent Study

RID Requirements

Independent Study credit may not come from participants' routine employment responsibilities or training required by employers for continued employment.

Possible Options 


A participant may conduct original research.

Study Groups

A participant may meet with one or more persons at specified times to discuss topics related to the goals and objectives stated in the Activity Plan.


A participant may write materials for publication (VIEWS articles, FACES articles, journals, and books).

If writing an article for the GaRID FACES Newsletter, 0.1 CEUs are FREE to GaRID members per article.

Course Instruction

A participant may develop and present information (a speech, workshop, short course and teleconference) and receive Independent Study CEUs for the development and presentation.  These two activities are not mutually exclusive; participants may earn CEUs for either or both the development and presentation.  Credit will be given only once during the cycle for each activity presented.


A participant may engage in a focused learning relationship with pre-approved goals and learning outcomes.  CEUs may be awarded to both participants in the mentorship relationship.  However, great care should be give to identify the learning the mentor (target of the Independent Study) will achieve.  The independent Study, if written for the mentor, will only consider the knowledge gained by the mentor and not apply in any fashion to the work done by the protege or mentee.

These CEUs are FREE to GaRID members.

Literature Review

A participant may review literature on a specified topic and submit a written summary.  The summary could include critical comments and a plan for incorporating acquired information into professional practice.

Multi Media Instruction

A participant may independently review a video and write a critical review and/or complete a questionnaire demonstrating an understanding of the presented materials.

Commercially produced self-study curriculum

A participant may complete a commercially produced self-study.

How to Apply
  • Please download a copy of the RID Independent Study Form here.  
  • Once you have completed the form please sent it to for approval. Please note that you are required to have your form approved before you begin your activity.
  • Pay the processing fee using the link provided below.
  • Once you have completed your activity, please contact and submit all required documentation as outlined in your approved plan.

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